Joining our Club

New members are always welcome to our walking club.

You can take one walk with us before we ask you to join and pay membership fees, that way you can see if hillwalking is for you. Please respect this rule as it has implications for our MCI insurance and causes embarassment if we have to point it out.

​Membership is open to over 18’s only.  16 – 18 year olds may walk with us provided that they are accompanied by an appropriate adult.  

If you are new to hillwalking we suggest you go on on a grade A or B initially and see how you get on. Grades are explained on our Walking Programme Page

Walks Grades Explained


Take a look at our Safety page for advice on what to wear and what to bring on a walk.

Advice Page here

Membership Fees
if you are interested in joining our club the annual membership fee is £35 which includes membership and insurance from Mountaineering Ireland, £31.50 goes to MI and £3.50 to the club to cover administration expenses. Follow the link below for further information on what you get from MCI Insurance:

MCI Insurance – What you get for your money

If you have MCI insurance either individually or through another Club  the annual membership fee is £5.

           For information about paying fees please contact our Treasurer